Zero & Energy saving

Forerunning the future.

Celantel is completely dedicated to one of the most important themes that man is now called to face through its commitment to soothe or reduce the effects of energy consumption on our planet.

The passive cooling

From Shelters to the most different applications

The uninterrupted study, design and manufacturing of air conditioning devices at zero or reduced energy consumption, from over forty years by its founder Celant Enzo and from twenty by Celantel, has given a heritage always enhanced by new innovations, inventions and increased commitment.

More and more often and beforehand, this heritage allows to identify the right formulation of passive devices in the most different applications.

What’s Energy Conversion Efficency?

The energy conversion efficiency is the ability of a physical system to achieve a given result using less energy than other systems “of lower efficiency”, increasing its efficiency and allowing, not only energy savings, but also a reduction in the operating costs.

The achieved energy saving influences the environment with  “green economy” effects.

Energy saving and Celantel’s specificities

The passive air conditioning, as a specific Celantel’s goal, highlights “essential advantages” such as:

  • Maintenance Free

  • Zero or reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced environmental impacts

In the most different  industrial applications these critical success factors, although being of great importance today in the green economy, are still considered as secondary aspects in the preliminary designs.

Celantel’s approach

Celantel does not aim to study how to make the existing thermal control technologies more efficient, but to look for new and more effective formulations and devices that acquire the thermal energy for their performances just and only by the environment.

The next step is to apply this principle to the most different industrial needs, in accordance with the green economy.

A partial and more rational use of the available energy, both from a personal and global point of view, has already been achieved but new bets are expected.

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