Innovation on rail.

This is the branch that is experiencing unstoppable growth and global modernisation.

Until recently, equipment housings had simply to protect from the outside while the maintenance costs, energy and anything else were not a problem to deal with.

Today the design requirements and performance of these infrastructures are a critical element in order to solve problems related to energy saving, insulation, vandalism maintenance and so on.

For about 10 years Celantel has been focusing its interest and investments in this.

Here, this application, which involves the GSMR stations and the remote signaling stations, finds further advantages as these are located along the line and sometimes not easily reachable by road with clear effects on maintenance.

The entry of passive technology into the national railway network was inaugurated this year by two stations in Emilia, operating with thermal results responding to the needs.

Raylways passive shelter1

Passive cooled shelter installed on railways