Innovation on rail.

This particular sector is experiencing unstoppable growth and global modernization.

Until recently, equipment housings simply had to mean protection from the environment, while maintenance costs, energy and any other effect were not taken into consideration.

Today, the design requirements and performance of these infrastructures are a very critical element in addressing the aspects of energy saving, insulation, maintenance, vandalism and so on.

Since around 10 years Celantel has been directing and focusing its interest and investments to the application of the passive technology in this field.

The application of this technology in the railways, which involves GSMR stations and remote signaling stations, acquires further advantages for the location of the same along a given route and sometimes not easily accessible by road, with obvious repercussions  on maintenance costs.

The entry of passive technology into the national railway network was inaugurated this year by two stations in Emilia, operating with all thermal results meeting the client requirements.



The project settings implemented with FER is the result of an engineering integration that has taken into account the many criticalities often arising “on field” when installation of electrical and electronic equipment is involved.

With this unprecedented application in the railway field, already used and proven for over twenty years in the field of telecommunications, Oil & Gas and other infrastructures, the classic maintenance interventions both for the structural aspect and for the air conditioning, which being of the passive type, does not consume electricity, neither mechanical moving parts nor fluids under pressure.

Such approach is fully engaged with what turns out to be one of the most important issues that mankind is called to face today: commit to eliminating or alleviating the effects that energy consumption has on the environment, through the careful eye that “passive air conditioning” greatly devotes to the Green Economy.

The maintenance-free passive sentry boxes guarantee a sealed environment with mild temperature variations thus constituting the most appropriate sheltering while ensuring increased reliability and durability of the housed electrical equipment.

This innovative approach proves to be a valid solution that, in compliance with the expected thermal performance, not only it guarantees the inalterability of the same over time with a complete absence of maintenance – both aspects ensured by the very definition of a passive device/system.

Passive air conditioning shelter installed at PL 10 -RAIL LINE Reggio Emilia-Ciano d’Enza

Passive air conditioning shelter installed at PL 17 – RAIL LINE Reggio Emilia-Ciano d’ Enza

Raylways passive shelter1