Special structures

The conditioning of an infrastructure is a requirement that sometimes involves underground, complexes or large surfaces.

In these cases, the most traditional equipment housing solutions are those in steel or aluminium metal carpentry in its panel or modular versions.

These are suitable when space and energy are available and the housing has an active or hybrid type of air conditioning (active or ventilated).

The modular solutions allow even the most different configurations up to the relevant dimensions and that, thanks to modularity, are able to guarantee flexibility in every possible need of expansions.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the housing solutions with underground containers where the need for air conditioning is given by specific solutions if considering the nature of the land and its installation.

Strutture speciali Celantel

Modular solutions

Un-conceivable housing integration of multiple systems in a “nut” enclosure.

The need of having easily transportable infrastructures with big plant area is satisfied by the modular GRP solution.
Each self-supporting module  is joined at site to create a unique cabin.
MAX ALLOWED DIMENSIONS: 14 x 10 x 4,2mt. (LxWxH) – (4 modules).

modular solution

Metallic shelter

The structure of the shelters is of monolithic type, completely made in steel, with doors built into the wall panels. The structural design and the construction detailing meet the International Recognized Standards requirements.

All the structure is a torsion-resistant construction.

Wall and roof panels are welded continuously tight to be resistant against intrusion of water and very fine sand and allowing the loading and the unloading in severe conditions.

Underground shelter

Extreme Security and Anti-Vandalism requirements  can be meet with the buried shelter.

The shape of the body can be cylindrical or rectangular depending on the specific project and equipped on the higher side with a manhole entry closed with a watertight cover, secured by a lock and equipped with a fixed vertical ladder so to allow staff coming down and climbing.

The shelter body will be completed with the necessary properly filtered air inlet and outlet, required to provide the ventilation in presence of the maintenance staff, while the gas possibly released by the batteries will be continuously evacuated through a properly displaced air outlet.

underground solutions
Underground Celantel 2