System Design

How to combine the ingredients.

Among its different products and services, there is one with unique and absolute value that Celantel boasts of being able to provide: the systems design.

Celantel, in particular, is able to design and supply infrastructure systems consisting of the most appropriate housings.

Energy systems, air conditioning systems, access / fire protection systems and anything else necessary to complete the station according to the needs and the applications required.

This is applied not only to systems for telecommunications stations but also to applications for oil and gas installations.

Particular attention is given, then, to the transport field (railways, motorways) where the linear repetitiveness allows highly efficient system optimization and engineering with results of absolute importance.

The expertise and the many years of experience gained in the field of infrastructure, ensure optimal solutions for every need, up to those of the Administrations of the Defense and the Public Sector with their peculiar characteristics and specificity.

Celantel is able to solve, in a unique and innovative way, specific air conditioning issues for each type of housing, for the consumption, in any geographical location.

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System Design Celantel