S.C.U.K. – Shelter Conditioning Upgrade Kit

Upgrade for Your existing shelter with Our Passive cooling technology.

Until a few years ago, the value of an infrastructure for the protection of equipment was of little importance.

Today some factors (energy saving, noise, maintenance, etc.) are becoming critical and making inefficient and expensive a considerable amount of the existing housing stock.

In some sites, where the existing air conditioning status is no longer adequate to needs or changes, is possible to intervene with “special solutions”.

This is the case of our patented Kit which, where possible, allows to “transform” an existing infrastructure into a new passive housing without the current problems.

An application with significant benefits also in economic terms as the cost is amortized over three / four years.

It is an ad-hoc sized climate control system based on the constraints of the existing condition and the new demands for consumption, dimensions, reliability and relative maintenance.

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After careful preliminary analysis, Celantel ensures that its S.c.u.k. is Able to guarantee the required operating temperatures with zero consumption and maintenance.