Passive Pole

From complexity to semplicity.

The mast or pole antenna support is a key element of all telecommunications sites.

The Celantel passively cooled pole is a new equipment housing concept which takes into consideration the devices installation directly inside the pole structure, used for the antenna support, together with a passive air conditioning system.

An innovative device, capable of regulating the temperature of the equipment with an extremely limited (or even zero) electricity consumption.

When not only minimum environmental impact but also protection from vandalism are required, the innovative passive pole is the perfect solution, being a complete and autonomous station for every type of equipment.

Passive Pole

The passive pole is a key element for every site needing an equipment housing and, in particular, where conditioning and protection are combined with a structure capable of supporting all the necessary elements for: the transmission of information, environmental surveillance as well as monitoring, lighting or others according to the specific requirements.