Research and Development

A step to the Future

Committed to facing the new, Celantel devotes its maximum effort and part of its resources to research.

Over the years, incentivated also by the Companies with which it cooperates, Celantel has improved and deepened its business until obtaining No. 12 proprietary patents related to the product and performances improvement in terms of energy saving and operational efficiency.

Celantel’s research activity is essentially aimed at the study and analysis of everything that can optimize and improve the thermal management in equipment  housings or infrastructures.

The results are achieved thanks to the specific experience of its team of engineers and a series of tools developed during Celantel’s activity, that is: an exclusive thermal simulator and two climatic chambers.

Research and Development Celantel

Celantel’s activity includes an accurate study of every detail, the drafting of an engineering project, the feasibility analysis and a coherent economic report.