Oil & Gas

Celantel’s green approach.

The companies falling under this field are aware of the problems of wear,reliability and maintenance.

The fact that the Oil & Gas networks are located in inaccessible and disadvantaged areas without infrastructure has led to the need of containing their energy consumption and maintenance.

The result is an intense application of passive air conditioning devices for stations.

In this context, thanks to the numerous and demanding supplies of its innovative and unpublished products, Celantel has achieved leadership positions for the most important end users in Africa (GASCO, SUDAN, SONATRACH) and the Middle East (ADNOC, ARAMCO, PDO, BP, ENI, etc.).

Celantel, in particular, introduced the first passive Cabinet in  2009 for a Sonatrach (Algeria) project and manufactured as well the largest passive shelters in the world, still operating in Rabig, both in terms of power and size (Project – KSA).

Today in the world around 50,000 shelters and 4,000 cabinets are installed along the main Oil & Gas pipelines which require maintenance and that consume at least 10 kw / hour of energy each day.

Innovation, energy saving, environmental protection require new solutions for the present and reflections to optimize the existing units such as equipment housings still powered by air conditioners.

OIL&GAS Valve Station

Oil and Gas installation in Algeria

OIL&GAS complete scada station

Oil and Gas installation in UAE